UC Berkeley
AI Hackathon

June 17th - 18th @ UC Berkeley

Presented by Cal Hacks x Berkeley SkyDeck

Get ready to kick off the summer with an unparalleled experience, where the brightest collegiate minds from around the world will come together to innovate, collaborate, and revolutionize the AI landscape. Join over 1000 hackers at UC Berkeley and come build a new generation of responsible AI.

Applications have closed, see you in the fall!

Privileged, invite-only Open AI GPT-4 & ChatGPT Plugins development access

$200,000 in funding to turn your project into a startup, backed by Berkeley SkyDeck

One-of-a-kind recruiting opportunities with the best companies in AI

Be part of the revolution.

UC Berkeley, Cal Hacks, and Berkeley SkyDeck are bringing you two days of hacking on the best AI technology the world has to offer. With support from OpenAI, Microsoft, Langchain, LlamaIndex, Pinecone, and more, this will be a monumental event no future AI/LLM developer can afford to miss. You'll even have chance to join Berkeley SkyDeck's portfolio of startups and receive $50,000 in funding. This event is your chance to explore the potential of large language models and other open source APIs, all while making a lasting impact in the world of artificial intelligence.

Get GPT-4 and Plugins Access

For 36 hours, you’ll have privileged access to the invite-only OpenAI API (including GPT-4 access), plugins, and some of the best LLM hacking tools on the planet.

Four teams. $50,000 each.

Quit your internship. Teams selected by a panel of expert VCs have the opportunity to take $50,000 each from the Berkeley SkyDeck fund and work full time on their project for the rest of the summer.

Exclusive Recruiting Opportunities

Meet and network with other AI/LLM developers, industry experts, and potential investors. This is your chance to build lasting connections and get your foot in the door.

$250,000+ in Prizes

Win cash, iPads, $4,000 in OpenAI platform credits, and much more.

Free Food, Free Swag, Free Credits

We'll cover your food and drinks for the entire event. You'll also get free swag and credits from our sponsors, including Azure and OpenAI platform credits for everyone!

Learn From the Best

We’ll have workshops and talks from key components of the AI ecosystem. This is your chance to learn from the best and take your skills to the next level.


  • How many people can be on a single team?

    Up to 4 people can be part of a single team.

  • Do I have to have a team to participate?

    No. We will have team matching during the event itself, or you can come with a team or solo. Whatever works for you!

  • What experience level is needed to attend?

    All experience levels are welcome!

  • Do I have to be in-person?

    Yes, you and your team will all have to be in-person at UC Berkeley to participate in the hackathon.

  • Will you be providing transportation to UC Berkeley or compensating travel?

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer other financial travel assistance at this time.

  • Is there a finalized schedule of events?

    We'll have a schedule out soon! Stay posted for more.

Sponsored by

OpenAI Pinecone Mayfield Swift Ventures Sequoia Lightspeed MindsDB Featureform LlamaIndex Hume NEA Solana Reach Capital Anyscale

Open source support by

Weaviate Vocode LanceDB Chainlit Arize AI Langchain Semantic Kernel

Student support by

ML@B HackDavis TreeHacks

Don't miss out.

Date: 9am, June 17th (Saturday) - 6pm, June 18th (Sunday)

Venue: UC Berkeley, MLK Student Union Building

Calling all college students (community college, undergrad, and grad) and recent grads!

Applications have closed, see you in the fall!